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Carnotaurus Sastrei - Head Sketch :iconlazerwhale:LazerWhale 6 3
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Carnotaurus Sastrei - Head Sketch
    Carnotaurus sastrei (Sastre’s Flesh Bull) is a mid-sized (7.3 metres long, 2.35 metres tall at the hip) and slender (1.3 - 1.5 tonnes in mass) theropod dinosaur known from the Upper Maastrichtian of the La Colonia Formation, in the Chubut Province of Argentina. Carnotaurus is a member of Abelisauridae, a family of Neoceratosaur theropods that have become (in)famous for their heavily reduced forelimbs, specialised hindlimbs, and odd cranial structures.

    With this sketch, I decided to illustrate a recent hypothesis regarding the dermal covering of abelisaurid dinosaurs; the concept that they may have borne a layer of hard keratin on their faces, like extant crocodilians and wood storks. While completely speculative, I love that it breaks the mold of prehistoric animals being depicted with a relatively small range of potential integument, and adds to the inherent oddity that the abelisaurs already possess. I’ve here referenced wood storks as well as some other extant reptiles.

    The original sketch measured roughly 16 by 16 cm, and is simple pencil on paper, cleaned up with Adobe Photoshop.

    Credit goes to the incredible :iconscotthartman: for the original skeletal on which I referenced for the features of the skull. Original skeletal here:…

    Thank you all for viewing my work, and I hope you enjoyed
Massacre in Maroon - A Slave of Mars
Myself and Pulsarium often team up to do some creative writing. Our most recent venture was a revamp of an HG Wells War of the Worlds-esque tale, titled Massacre in Maroon. The Martians within the story are pretty aloof and amoral, and as such have 'domesticated' another extraterrestrial species to serve as their slaves.

The idea behind the look was to create a humanoid - gotta have that old-school pulp feel somewhere - that was most definitely not human. I decided to look at turtles and some snakes for the features, giving him heat-sensing pits underneath his eyes, even.

I'd love to do a full-body piece for one of them, one day.
I have a Tumblr blog, now.


The Whale With Lazers

That'd be me. I'll be using it to post more of the writing blurbs that I like to type up, and maybe even go more in depth with my art.

So, y'know, if you like my work or just want to get a sense for what I like or how I think, go ahead and check it out.

Thank you all, and have a wondrous day.


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Just a boy who does what he loves most.



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